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Every year in South Africa, over 570 children are killed in pedestrian accidents because someone didn’t see them. Another 250 die because someone didn’t buckle them in. Over 325 children drown because an adult turned their back. Nearly 230 die of burns because an adult wasn’t watching over them. Overall, a staggering number of children – some 6500 -- die in South Africa due to injury. Most of these deaths, and the thousands of accidents that leave children scarred or disabled, are preventable.

Childsafe is pleased to partner with Woolworths for the YOU’RE BIGGER BE THE ADULT campaign aimed at raising awareness in keeping our children safe. Pledge to keep children safe at http://www.myschool.co.za/childsafe


Woolworths brings joy for Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital patients

Childsafe Woolworths M-Net Awards 2012