Walk This Way

Under FedEx’s sponsorship, The Walk this Way project has been opportune to continue its implementation of multi-level pedestrian safety interventions in low-income elementary schools located along ‘high-risk route’ areas in South Africa. 2017 saw the scale up from five to 10 schools across Cape Town and Johannesburg. The study continues with its aim to improve school learners’ road safety knowledge and introduce environmental modifications with the support of local road safety partners.

Over 6 435 school learners (across the five schools) received a series of road safety education workshops with the support of Childsafe’s collaborating partners, namely the City of Cape Town Road Safety Inspectors. All learners from the participating schools received reflective bag tags to promote their visibility on the road during low light conditions and its usability was monitored. One hundred and fifty school educators and 168 parents joined in the various activities. Simple key messages were promoted during their road safety education training that includes: where to cross the road; how to cross the road; and knowledge of basic road safety signage.