In South Africa, road fatalities impacting children under the age of 20 are estimated to be twice the world average. Furthermore, 75 percent of these injuries impact child pedestrians, making them the most vulnerable group. A large contributor to this epidemic is the lack of pedestrian oriented infrastructure in the country, even though majority (63.4%, up to 9 million) of South African learners use walking as their primary mode to access their educational institution.

Childsafe, in partnership with UNICEF, aims to curb the above epidemic through the Prevention of Road Injuries Impacting Children in South Africa (PRICSA) project. This 18-month project uses evidence-based research to a) understand the current status quo of child road injuries; b) determine the high-risk areas in the country and c) recommend Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Policy interventions that will keep children, aged 0-17, safer on the road.

Currently, Childsafe is conducting provincial consultations with key partners from the Transport, Education, Health, Research and NGO fields. Through these exchanges, Childsafe aims to engage with stakeholders in determining the causation of child road injuries in South Africa and what can be done, through partnerships, to reduce the burden.

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