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Child car restraint guide

Using a car seat correctly makes a big difference. Even the safest seat may not protect your child in a collision, so take a minute to check to be sure.

The following categories of child car restraints are currently available:

1) Infant car restraint

(Birth - 9 months/ 0- 10 kg)

  • Must be used facing rearwards at all times. In a collision impact will be on seat and not on baby.
  • Must be used with three point adult seat belt.
  • The baby is securely held in the seat by the harness.

2) Child car restraint

(Birth - 5 years/ 0- 18 kg)

There are a variety of seats available in this category

  • These seats should face the rear of the car until the infant is ± 10 kg or 9 months old.
  • After this the seat can be turned around, facing forward.
  • The method of installation vary from seat to seat. Some could be used with three point adult safety belts, lap belts or special anchorage straps.
  • Always follow manufacturer instruction on how to fit the seat.

3) Booster seats

(± 2 -10 Years)

These safety seats are light and versatile and can only be secured with a three point adult safety belt.

  • Can be used on front or back seat with adult safety belt.



4) Booster cushion

(± 3-10 Years/ 15- 36 kg)

  • These cushions are used when children have outgrown the above mentioned seats.
  • This seat will help position seat belt and improve view from the car.
  • Should always be used with three point adult belt (back or front).
  • Should be used until child has grown sufficiently to wear a seat belt, usually at ± 7 years.

All child restraints sold in South Africa must comply with compulsory specifications. This indicates to the consumer that the child restraints are tested on a regular basis by an independent body and comply with statutory requirements, and that surveillance and removal of non-compliant products can be done. Specifications covers the manufacture, performance and safety of child restraints.

Visit the SABS website or URL:

Click to view homologated child restraints

For more information on Child Car Restraints contact CAPFSA on Tel: (021) 6855208