Safe Travel to School Programme

The Safe Travel to School Programme (STTS) launched in 2014 and has seen remarkable and unprecedented growth since then. The Programme is a collaboration between Discovery and Childsafe aiming to help make the daily journey to and from school a safer one for children, by focussing on the learner transport driver.

Every day, thousands of Cape Town children are driven to school and back along high risk routes, in non-roadworthy vehicles and by drivers who often drive recklessly. Through a series of interventions, the Programme aims to develop cohorts of safer, reliable, more road-safety aware drivers. These interventions include:

  • Checking the roadworthiness of the learner transport vehicles;
  • Monitoring driver behaviour through the patented Discovery Insure DQ tracking device;
  • Providing feedback and awarding incentives so as to improve driving behaviour;
  • Testing drivers’ eye sight and providing glasses where necessary;
  • Training the drivers in first aid and defensive driving.

Since its launch with a mere 17 scholar transport drivers, the Programme has exploded onto the scholar transport scene. There were 78 drivers on the programme in 2015, and by the end of 2017, 606 scholar transport drivers transporting scholars all over Cape Town – exceeding the target of 1000 drivers set for 2018!

At the end of each year, Childsafe gathers all 606 school transporters and road safety stakeholders to acknowledge the safest drivers. The top prize is always a brand new 16 seater minibus, Nissan Impendulo (worth R395 000). In 2017, this car was won by Mr Gamat Roopen, a school driver from Colorado, Mitchel’s Plein.