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Safer Streets for Children campaign launches to save kids' lives

August is Child Safety Month, and to coincide with this, a new campaign will be launched on 2 August to raise awareness about the dangers that children face every day on the road. The Safer Streets for Children campaign is a collaboration between Open Streets Cape Town, child safety advocacy organisation Childsafe and the Safely Home Calendar initiated by the Western Cape Government’s Department of Transport & Public Works.

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Global Road Safety Week #SaveKidsLives

The 3rd UN Global Road Safety week will be held between 4-10 May 2015. This campaign seeks to highlight the plight of children on the world’s roads; generate action to better ensure their safety; and promote the inclusion of safe and sustainable transport in the post-2015 development agenda.

Road Accidents are the number one cause of unnatural deaths to children in South Africa. Passenger deaths rank 4th. Good laws, proper enforcement and education are essential to reduce passenger injuries. Currently the South African law states that all children (children 3 years and older) have to be restrained in a seatbelt or car restraint if available. The current seatbelt legislation is unfortunately not properly enforced and parents and caregivers are unaware or ignorant about the dangers of not restraining children in motor vehicles.

Annually, between 200 – 300 children with injuries as passengers are treated at the Trauma Unit of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital alone, in Cape Town. Of these children between 84 – 87 % are not restrained in any way. This is an average of 18 children per month that are treated at this hospital for injuries sustained while a passenger.

As there is a great need to educate parents and caregivers on child passenger safety in motor vehicles Childsafe ‘s focus of the week is to create awareness on the risks associated with not restraining children in motor vehicle and also make information available on the correct and safe restraint methods. Childsafe targets the Red Cross Children’s Hospital (RXH) in Cape Town, staff and parents visiting this hospital.

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Prof van As

Congratulations to Prof Van As


Prof Sebastian Van As delivered the Michael van Vloten Lecture at the Dutch Society for Surgery where he spoke on Paediatric Trauma and Child Abuse in Africa.

At the event he was awarded the Michael van Vloten Medal from the President of the Dutch Association of Surgeons.

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