History of CAPFSA

In 1978, due to a growing concern about the number of child injures in South Africa, the Child Safety Centre was established as part of the department of Paediatric Surgery at the Red Cross Children's Hospital. Professor Sid Cywes, previous Head of Paediatric Surgery initiated the establishment of the Safety Centre. The Child Safety Centre's role was to undertake structured research on the causes and effects on accidents. Using the data collected over years, various safety educational programmes were put in place.

By 1987 it became apparent, however that the knowledge and skills acquired and used by the Child Safety Centre on a regional basis, were also needed nationally. In April 1987, CAPFSA was established to focus nationally on prevention of senseless deaths and maiming of children due to injuries. Various training programmes had to be developed.

The CAFPSA (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa) Logo signifies the balance between cautious controlled behaviour and normal adventurous childhood activities and behaviour. A child's life represents a balance between natural abandon of childhood and essential controls that ensure the safety of the child. It is this precarious balance, which is captured in the logo of CAPFSA. The losses incurred when the balance is disturbed can be enormous.

In 2008, CAPFSA began to use the new name "Childsafe South Africa" to better represent the goals of the organisation (to make South Africa a safer country for children). It is an easier to utilise name, more marketable and more likely to be understood. Specialising in our aim to reduce and prevent accidental deaths, injuries, disabilities and suffering amongst children in South Africa, Childsafe has a unique mission.