Education and promotion of public awareness is achieved through:

  • Leaflets, posters, booklets, videos, exhibitions, programmes for children and adults, books and media
  • Lectures, workshops, and training courses
  • Community based prevention programmes
  • Resource center at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.
  • Conferences


Workshops and talks on a variety of safety topics are offered on request.
Content of workshops and talks are targeted at adults such as professionals in training, social workers, medical profession, community health workers, teachers as well as the general public (parents or parents to be).  

Content of workshops / talks:
Focus on general child safety or specific topics such as drowning, passenger safety, infant safety, poisoning, burns pedestrian safety, and more.

Duration of workshops / talks:
This varies from half an hour presentations to 4-hour workshops. The duration of workshops depends on the request and topics covered


Childsafe presents a variety of Training Courses to equip people from the community on how to prevent accidents to children under the age of 18 years. When participants complete the course, they are encouraged to use the information in their work and/or home environment and to educate others on accident prevention.

Safety Course for Day Care Settings
(Pre-schools, crèches, day-mothers & day care facilities)
Aim of the course is to meet the health and safety needs of children in child care facilities.
The course content is comprehensive and sets high safety standards. Not all the policies, procedures and practices recommended will be applicable to all the care facilities but it does provide a model for child minders to use and adapt to suite own particular needs of the day care facility.  

Course delegates will be required to put theory presented into practice by developing a health and safety programme at the childcare facility they you in.  

Course content

  • Child development related to injuries.
  • Principals of setting up a safe day care setting/ Safety plans for day care facilities.
  • General injuries at day care facilities (road accidents. poisoning, burns and evacuation plan, water safety, play safety).
  • Identification and referral of child abuse.
  • Emergency Care/ First Aid (6 hours).
  • Presentation guidance to facilitate child safety education for pre-schoolers.  

After completion of course, delegates will receive a certificate for first aid and a second certificate from Childsafe once a safety plan is implemented for each day care facility/ pre-school attending. Certificates will only be issued if all sessions were attended and task completed of the planning of a safety policy and programme. 

Duration: 20 hours - 4 days (9h00 – 14h00) or 2 and half days

Cost: on application

Venue: Training Room – Childsafe Safety Centre
Red Cross Children’s Hospital
Klipfontein Road
Or Venue in your community for a minimum of 15 delegates.

For more details contact the training co-ordinator:
Pumla Mtambeka
Childsafe / CAPFSA
Tel: (021) 685 5208
Fax: (021) 685 5331