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Buckle Up - or You’ll be Back!

Childsafe and the Management of Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital announced the launch of its Buckle Up/Seat Belt Project in November 2012.  Drivers and parents leaving the Hospital at the Main Gate will be reminded to Buckle Up all passengers by the security staff; a fixed Buckle Up sign will be displayed on the Gate House; and when children are not suitably restrained in safety car seats, Red Tickets will be issued giving car safety advice. This will be an ongoing project.

Road crashes claim the highest mortality in the age group 1-18 years worldwide.  In South Africa, 250 children are killed on the road each year because someone didn’t buckle them up.   More than twice as many die as pedestrians.   Children are, too often, victims of driver or parental neglect.

Some more facts:

  • At Red Cross Children’s Hospital 1011 children were treated for road traffic injuries last year
  • 89% of children were not buckled up in a 2007 Red Cross Children’s Hospital survey
  • 79% of children were not buckled up in a 2012 Red Cross Children’s Hospital survey

What does the law say?

  • It is the driver’s responsibility and legal obligation to ensure that children are buckled up in a car safety seat or seat belt.
  • Transport Minister Robin Carlisle has promised consequences for drivers who do not observe the law.
  • Drivers and parents could face criminal charges if children are killed in road crashes.

Drivers and parents have the power to stop this neglect of children.

Please take care of the kids, and always, always…Buckle Up!

For more information please contact Childsafe


From left to right: Pumla Mtambeka (Childsafe), Robin Carlisle (MEC Transport), Prof Sebastian van As (Childsafe President), Chiedza Mavengere (Childsafe), Dr Thomas Blake (RXH management) and
Dorothy Schulman (Childsafe)